Our trip just went International

We arrived in Canada on 8/22 with the expected fanfare. There was a parade and the mayor came by to give us the key to the city! Yeah, not likely, eh!!!

We did a fair amount of research on the Internet prior to taking our trailer across the border. We had to figure out what paperwork, if any, was needed for Skyler; what foods were acceptable to bring across the border; and, rather importantly, how much alcohol were we permitted to bring in for personal consumption without paying exorbitant taxes. From everything we read, produce could present an issue and there were limits on meat, alcohol and tobacco. Skyler would need proof of a current rabies vaccination. It also seemed that dog food and bear spray might be barred under certain conditions. In the end we were a little nervous but as prepared as we could have been.

At the border we were asked:

Where are you from?

What are you planning to do in Canada and for how long?

Do you have any firearms or mace?

Do you have any alcohol or tobacco?

Have you ever been fingerprinted?

We answered these questions and that was it. No vehicle search and seizure, no cavity search and no Canadian Mounties came out with weapons drawn. All and all the whole interaction took less that three minutes and we had crossed into British Columbia more quickly than when we visited Waterton Lakes from Glacier. Without the camper or the dog. Go figure.

But in all seriousness, so far the people are nice and friendly and the temperatures have been a wee bit chilly for these un-acclimatized Texans.



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