Another thing we learned about Canadian National Parks – when you go to pay for a campsite you have the option of paying an additional $8.80 fee for a fire permit. We choose to forgo this fee as we will typically build a small fire for an hour or so and usually start easing into the evening in the camper. Not the Canadians!!


No matter the hour of the day, tent or rv camping, young and old, these folks are either loading up wood from the wood pile, chopping up the wood, or burning the wood like its going to expire. In hindsight, when we were in Montana, there was a Canadian who was constantly burning a fire. I mean if his car was there then there he had a fire going. Well come to find out in Canada you are only allowed to burn the wood provided to you in the campground. Now in the U.S campground that wood will set you back $6.00 for a small bundle, but in Canada there is an endless supply of wood for $8.80 and these people lug a crap ton of wood from the pile and start chopping early in the day and by the middle of the afternoon the place is on fire!


Getting ready!


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