I am a firm believer that one has to have had a job in order to appreciate not having one. It took me one maybe two weeks of travel to come to the conclusion that I love Mondays. As time goes on and the days seem to flow together I often find myself in need of a calendar – not to see the date so much but to learn the actual day of the week. Imagine for a minute that everyday is a Saturday surrounded by Saturdays!! This, I thought, must be what retirement feels like.

I love my field of work even after twenty years plus. But I never loved Mondays. Admit it. Monday is not your favorite day of the week either. It signals the end to the weekend in which you have crammed too much stuff, heck you only have two days, …. exercise, TV, food, video games, super parenting … and come Monday you are exhausted, sore, depleted, hung-over and, yes, thinking about the weekend to come. Am I right?

While working we eagerly anticipate the three-day holiday weekend, planning out and celebrating a non-work day Monday. But what happens? Bam it’s gone and now your boss needs you to cram five days of work into a four-day workweek. Come Friday is there any love left for your Monday off from work?

And that my friends is why I set an alert on my phone to remind me it’s a Monday with all the Monday dreams and possibilities to unfold and appreciate. While I can.

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