Reluctantly we decided that a visit to Vienna would take up more time than we realistically had to do the city justice. Instead we found Innsbruck just a short train ride from Salzburg and on the way to Switzerland!



Arriving with no set plans we inquired at the train station for suggestions of where to stay. Map in hand, and bypassing a few hotels that were out of our budget, we found a hostel not far from the station. Since it was early in the day we were able to get a nice room at a decent price although the proprietor told us the place fills nightly. We dropped our bags and headed to the downtown area. Absolutely breathtaking mountain vistas greeted us from almost every angle and beckoned us aloft. Late in the day we found the grocery store and rounded out the evening with a baguette, cheese and a bottle of wine.



What does this even mean?

What does this even mean?

The next day we headed back downtown to catch the Hungerburgbahn, a funicular that would take us up a mountain to Hungerburg. We considered taking a cable car the rest of the way to the top of the mountain, but the ticket agent informed us it was socked in by clouds and we wouldn’t be able to see anything. It’s a good thing that she told us that because when we arrived in Hungerburg we could see for ourselves that the cable car disappeared into nothingness. We decided to take in the city from above and went on a five-mile hike.








As if two nights in Innsbruck wasn’t sweet enough, we enjoyed a strudel and indulged in some ice cream before heading back to the hostel!



Visited May 2015