There are four National Parks in the Canadian Rockies that are all inter-connected: Kootenay; Jasper; Yoho; and, perhaps the most well known, Banff

We arrived in Canada with no campsite reservation and entered Kootenay National Park with the expectation that we might not find a campground with available campsites. The truth is the more we move into this trip the less we are worried about making plans and the more we are concerned about finding the experience along the way.

The McLeod Meadows campground is located about halfway through the park and it was our first stop. As we turned into the entrance we found only emptiness; no people, no cars, no RV’s, no tents. It crossed our minds that perhaps Jason Vorhees was on the loose with a machete. Chi chi chi, ha ha ha. As we backtracked to the entrance for payment we noticed that the camp host was located in Loop C and headed over to investigate. We did find a few occupied campsites leaving us a little less concerned about being murdered in our sleep.

We stayed the one night as we were tucked into a forest and one of the biggest draws to this park is a soak in the odorless Radium Hot Springs which we enjoyed after we dropped the trailer. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs it was the perfect way to end the long drive.

All in all we spent a total of two days in Kootenay including a hike at Marble Canyon its rushing waters cascading through a spectacular limestone gorge to a thundering waterfall.



Radium Hot Springs




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Marble Canyon

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Marble Canyon

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