So, to complete our European tour we left Switzerland by train and headed to Lake Como, Italy. Lake Como has been a favorite retreat for many of the elite class dating back to the Roman times. Today George Clooney, Richard Branson, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone all have or had houses here. We wanted to be close to Milan, which is our finish line so we booked a week here to be more of a vacation than a hiking destination. Our apartment is in Varenna, which is visible from across the water from Bellagio and Menaggio. Our apartment was quaint but the location was only a couple blocks away from the train station and the water. The whole town sports a few restaurants and bars but not much else. There are two small grocery stores that are smaller than convenience stores back home. We sourced out a larger store a few miles away and made the journey by train. We enjoyed romantic walks along the lakeshore nightly, which curiously led to the local gelato vendor. This was a great little place to spend our last days in Europe.

Our apartment was just left of the main street

Our apartment was just left of the main street




This is how you wait for the ferry!

This is how you wait for the ferry!




The ferries connect the small towns around the lake and we made our way to quite a few. This week was such a relaxing week compared to the hustling we did throughout our trip. We plan to head back to Austin for a couple of weeks before heading out on the next leg of our journey which will include; spending time with family in Chicago, flying to the east coast to explore Acadia and then up north with our sites on Isle of Royale.



Visited: May 2015