We wanted some flexibility after we completed the Camino so we rented some wheels in Santiago de Compestela, stashed our backpacks in the trunk, and headed south for the coast.


Entering Portugal we lost (gained?) an hour and found yet another language. After a brief stop in Porto we continued down the coast, stopping at the beach for some lunch, and on to Lisbon enjoying the cool breezes and stunning ocean scenery that assaulted our senses along the way.


the beautiful Atlantic


sailboats everywhere

Lisbon, Portugal’s capitol city, displays some stunning centuries old architecture (several of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites) and we wasted no time taking in the points of interest.


Jeronimos Monestery – Resting place of Vasco de Gama


the courtyard of Jeronimos Monestery


the stunning architecture


fountain in the center of The Praça do Império, Lisbon – one of the largest public squares in Europe.

Belem Tower - a medieval tower at the mouth of the Tagus River.

Belem Tower – a medieval tower at the mouth of the Tagus River.

River view from tower

river view from the tower.

City view from tower.

city view from the tower.

Talus River


The 171 ft tall Discoveries Monument, shaped like a ship’s prow, stands at the marina in Belem to celebrate the achievements of explorers during the Age of Discoveries

And, we discovered that gelato is not just for the Italians!


just couldn’t pass it up!!!

Visited May 2015

Next Stop: Seville