About us

We did everything by the book: high school sweethearts, married young, two kids, four legged babies, solid career history, two cars, and a house in the suburbs. For twenty-five years we worked on the common goal of raising our boys. What we contemplated next was the kind of thing people privately dream about, stuff they maybe bandy at parties with friends, fueled with a little alcohol, and just never get around to doing for at least a dozen understandable reasons.

 Call it coincidence or call it fated by our genuine love of the outdoors. In 2014, the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we decided to sell our home in Austin and take to the road in a 22 foot travel trailer with the intention of visiting the U.S. National Parks, state by state, with a few foreign excursions thrown in for good measure.

 This is our journey.

Jeff and Janet

Contact us at highwaysandblueskies@gmail.com

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