We had long wanted to visit the city of Seattle but the opportunity hadn’t presented itself. After spending three months in the mountains we were eager to get some time on the beach and, with some quick research, we found Whidbey Island. A day trip to Seattle, about an hours drive away, was inevitable.

We left early on a Sunday morning through not much traffic and arrived at a mostly empty parking lot in Seattle Center. First built for the 1962 World’s Fair, we were impressed with the size of the grounds and the numerous outdoor activities going on in and around the center, including live music, food vendors and a huge fountain with cascading waters timed to a music score.

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International Fountain

The perfect sunny and seventy degree weather made walking around enjoyable and our trip up the space needle not only memorable but picture perfect. We were even able to get a good view of Mount Olympus and the surrounding ranges.

Space Needle

Space Needle

Space Needle

After coming back down to earth we hopped on the Monorail for the quick one-mile ride to the Westlake Center Mall and Pike Place Market. The market was a veritable feast for the eyes and stomach and we took in as much as we could consume. Getting our fill of people watching, the flying fish show, and eating our way through the market by way of meat on a stick, Russian pastries, goat cheese pizza, mango smoothies and a sampling of many fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables, we decided to walk back to Seattle Center rather than return via the Monorail.

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Pike Place Market

No doubt one day we will make our life in a city with crowds, transit and easy access to everyday things; but on this day, we enjoyed it and left with a smile.



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