Took Tex out on another test run – before we hit the road full-time in a month.  After the weekend adventure with no power cord (and, yes, it was coooolllllddddER than it has ever been in Texas in February), we made sure to pack two.  With the benefit of electricity, we tested all the gadgets:  TV/VCR/sound system/kitchen galley etc.  Fridge works.  Drank a beer.  All in fine working order!!  Next up – hot water.  Pulled out the manual and followed directions only to find out that manual directions are crap.  Three hours later, we sighed in relief that we had not burned out the water heater by turning on the switch with no water in the tank.  Doh!  Ahhh, time for hot shower …… cold …… hot ….. cold …. hot …. water everywhere …. have to work on this one.  Drank a glass of wine.  Discovered that yes indeed the table does become a functional bed for two …. had to google that one.  Drank a cider.  Another cold snap … in April …. heater works!!!  Here comes the rain storm.  Camping in a trailer is way better than camping in a tent …. lol to the tent campers.  Drank two beers!!!!  Thorough campsite check when we left – still have two power cords 🙂  CHEERS!

Next up: Living in a fishbowl